Heart-Tee Hibiscus Tea

Heart-Tee Hibiscus Tea

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100% Pure super premium hibiscus flower tea. Very good at lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Delicious and very high in anthocyanin antioxidants
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Heart-tee Hibiscus is 100% pure dried Hibiscus Flower tea. This tea is made from our hibiscus flowers Hibiscus sabdariffa which are too big, broken or small to make our Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup.  We dry these flowers and use them for the tea. A rich red, strong full bodied tea with intense berry flavour.  Hibiscus Flowers are a very high source of anthocyanin antioxidants. 

Each foil-sealed teabag contains the equivalent of 4 premium Hibiscus Flowers. There are 20 foil wrapped teabags per box.

Hibiscus Tea was known in ancient Egypt as the "Pharaoh's Tonic" first described in the Ebers Papyrus Circa 1550 BC! This is oldest and most important medical scroll from this time.

Substitute a red wine with a Hibiscus Heart-Tee if you're trying reduce drinking alcohol. You can learn more about the health benefits of Hibiscus Tea here:


Hibiscus Tea has been clinically proven to significantly lower blood pressure by US FDA approved tests. Many of our customers have reported amazing results in their own results with Absolutely NO side effects. You can read more about that here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6621350  & https://academic.oup.com/jn/article/140/2/298/4600320

The Results from this study:

Table 1

Comparison of the study variables at baseline between groups

Variable Intervention group (n=23) Control group (n=23) t P
Age 49.87±3.51 49.78±3.33 −0.09 0.93
BMI 29.17±3.56 28.30±3.46 −0.84 0.40

Comparison of systolic and diastolic mean difference between genders

SBP: Systolic blood pressure, DBP: Diastolic blood pressure

This tea is a rich and tart which many people enjoy as it is obviously pure and unsweetened and the flavour really shines through.  If you like it a little sweeter, simply add honey or other natural sweetener.

  • HINT: You can sweeten also with the syrup from the Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup or Hibiscus Flower Extract.
  • This tea is enjoyable both hot or cold.
  • Can be used for liquor infusions and as a cocktail ingredient.
  • Great with a slice of ginger dropped in
  • Great as a Sangria base or simply brew cold and add pieces of chopped citrus and berries for a healthy punch.
  • Make 1 cup of hibiscus tea with 2-3 teabags and mix in 1 cup of sugar to make a simple syrup for cocktails or mocktails. You can also freeze this to make Hibiscus Popsicles.
  • You can also infuse any clear spirits with the hibiscus tea bags put about 4 teabags per 700ml bottle.

Each foil-sealed teabag contains the equivalent of 4 premium Hibiscus Flowers. There are 20 foil wrapped teabags per box.

Wild Hibiscus Flower Company employs hundreds of small lot farmers to grow our flowers. We have been supporting our farmers in Malaysia for almost 20 years now and have a very close relationship with our team there.

We have developed our own genetic variety named Sofily after company founder Lee's eldest daughter Lily and his business partner in Malaysia Rizuan's eldest daughter Sofia who were born in 2006 right when we had perfected our unique genetic variety! We did this by crossing the Australian and the Malaysian variety together and thus the PERFECT Hibiscus Flower was created!

Net weight: 50g/1.76oz net | Also available in 1kg bulk whole flowers

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