Wattleseed Express

The Wattleseed Express

A very More-ish cocktail just be careful it is strong! Also works well with The Kurrajong Gin which has a richer chocolaty flavour than Wattleseed which is a bit more coffee like.

50ml Gingle Bells Wattleseed Gin
30ml / 1oz Kahlua/coffee liqueur
30 ml / 1oz espresso coffee

Shake ingredients well with ice.  Strain into martini glass. Garnish with coffee beans.

Our Wattleseed is grown in Outback South Australia. We use Acacia victoriae and it is hand harvested before being dark roasted and sent to the distillery for vapour infusing this gin. It has a rich chocolate coffee flavour.

You can buy our Wattleseed at our Kurrajong Native Foods website www.bushtuckershop.com

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