Purple Rain

This cocktail uses our Elderflower and Butterfly Pea Flower Gin to make a magical colour change cocktail.

You can also buy our b'Lure butterfly pea flower extract or blue tea to make any clear gin into a magical colour change gin!

50ml Gingle Bells Butterfly Pea Flower Gin bauble of 50ml pour from the big bottle
1 medium kaffir lime leaf plus 1 for garnish
30ml / 1oz simple syrup
15ml / ½ oz lemon juice
7.5ml / ¼ oz lime juice
Soda water

Roughly chop kaffir leaf then muddle in cocktail shaker with juice.  Add syrup and shake without ice to mix and set aside.  Fill a high ball glass with crushed ice, blueberries and kaffir lime leaf to garnish.  Add gin bauble and fill glass ¾ full with soda water.  Gently strain in the lime mixture on top – Magic! 

Below shows Khun Aey and her father Khun Lek with chief distiller Lee. They have been growing butterfly pea (Dok Anchun in Thai) for Wild Hibiscus Distilling Co since 2012.

In 2023 Wild Hibiscus Flower Company exported more than 220,000,000 hand picked flowers from Thailand :)

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