Introducing… Our brand new in-house boutique distillery!

This still's name is 'Iris', which means rainbow in Greek – Iris is named after our very tallented distillation engineer, Dave Bridger’s wife.

Dave has 40 years of distilling experience and is key to us making the tastiest of craft gin for Gingle Bells Baubles!!

Here is where the Gingle Bells magic happens.

The art of distillation involves vaporising and purifying pure alcohol as it travels up the column of the still. Each round window is another stage of purification.

This then passes through a special basket containing specially chosen botanicals to form the unique taste and aroma of our craft gin.

Juniper from Macedonia, Corriander Seed from Western Australia and the world’s finest Madagascan Vanilla beans give our gin its wonderful smooth taste.

Oh and the rind from Lemon’s picked from Mum’s garden!

Discover an explosion of flavours and colours when you taste our gin. 

At a second stage of production we create the unique tastes in each of the Gingle Bells Gin Baubles by infusing the gin with these amazing botanicals:

  • Snow Chrysanthemum
  • Pepperberry
  • Wattleseed
  • Butterfly Pea Flower
  • Hibsicus Flower
  • Fingerlime 
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