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Gingle Bells Floral Gin Baubles are lovingly hand made by Wild Hibiscus Distilling Co.
Family owned and by 3 brothers Lee, Ben and Sam Etherington since 1998, Wild Hibiscus began by creating unique Australian Native Food condiments, spices and sauces which are still a cornerstone in our range today (Kurrajong Australian Native Foods). 
This evolved into creating a range of gourmet edible flower products using hibiscus, Bulgarian roses and butterfly pea flowers.  After over 15 years, the products have been distributed and paired with food and cocktails in great establishments and homes all over the world.  Wild Hibiscus also source and supply dried flowers to industry for making specialty tea, liquor and beverage products.
Founder Lee Etherington has travelled the world for decades sourcing unique ingredients, learning how to grow them and then teaching farmers. He lives on an 80 acre farm at Kurrajong Heights on the edge of the Blue Mountains. Here he has planted and nurtured over 1,500 Finger Lime trees of various colours. He also grows the pepperberries, lemon myrtle, kaffir lime, tahitian lime and many other botanicals which are used in Gingle Bells Gin and the big bottles of gin. 
Lee also has plantations of hibiscus flowers in Malaysia where around 100 small lot farmers are employed. In central Thailand he has plantations of Butterfly Pea Flowers in 2019 his Thai farmers exported 220,000,000 blue flowers. Lee is the worlds largest supplier of butterfly pea flowers and created the first extracts and products introducing this amazing flower to the world outside Thailand in 2012.
Lee has been working in the food and cocktail circuits of Australia, USA, Canada and Europe, both on premise and in retail for more than 20 years and his products sell around 35,000 cocktails PER NIGHT in the USA.
Lee developed a deep love affair with food, fine wine, spirits and the craft cocktail industry and a keen sense of experimentation with unique ingredients. 
He is often found in the his lab on the farm making spirit infusions and trial formulations or simply trying to get something weird perfect... Lee has an insatiable curiosity.
Gingle Bells Floral Gin Baubles have now evolved into the large 750ml bottles of gin and the Finger Lime Gin is latest concept of Lee's and the other 5 flavours will be released throughout 2021.
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