F-bomb Finger Lime Gin & Tonic Recipe

"Make the ultimate Gin \u0026amp; Tonic with Fingerlime Gin featuring suspended finger lime caviar."

F-Bomb Gin & Tonic

The PERFECT Gin & Tonic!

When Lee developed the Finger Lime Gin he specifically designed the flavour profile to match with good old' Schweppes Indian Tonic. Why? - because it is bland and neutral and will not add add anything to the drink that should not be in there - and you can get it on any street corner. No need for expensive tonic water shipped from the other side of the world. All the flavour and aroma you could ever need is in the gin already. If you really insist on another tonic water Fever Tree Mediteranean is probably the best option.

 Feature picture thanks to #diningwithginandmalonie

    • 50ml Finger Lime Gin or 1 x gingle bells bauble
      • 10ml 1/3 oz lime juice
      • 100-150 ml / 3.4 Schweppes tonic water (depends how strong you like it)
      • If you must garnish - a sprig of thyme is good.

       Pour gin over crushed ice in high ball glass.

      Top with tonic water and garnish with a sprig of thyme if you want to play with it.

      Enjoy the pops! It takes us 9 months to convert the fresh finger lime caviar so that each pop contains its very own 40% alcohol gin which is different to the gin they are suspended in.


      Fingerlime Gin Bauble


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