Carpe Diem cocktail with Wattleseed Gin

This cocktail is robust in spices and aromas and can be enjoyed by serious cocktail lovers and anyone with a bit of fire in their belly. The chocolatey hazelnut flavour of the wattleseed is complex but compatible with the nuances of this Dry Ginger Ale. Then the oils in the orange rind with the smoked cinnamon stick puts the whole drink into a whole new depth.
Dry Ginger Ale & Wattleseed Gin


Dry Ginger Ale & Wattleseed Gin


  • Fill glass with ice.
  • Pour in one Gingle Bells Bauble (50ml) Wattleseed Gin – including the wattleseeds. OR measure 50ml pour from the 750ml bottle of Wattleseed Gin.
  • Top with Strange Love Dry Ginger Ale or Schweppes.
  • Garnish with some twirled rounds of orange rind and a smoking cinnamon stick (put cinnamon stick upright in glass.  Put a match or kitchen blow torch to it until the end is lit and starts smoking.  Blown out any flames and allow to continue smoking as the rest of the drink is poured and enjoyed). 

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